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Dr Mohammed Muvaffak Al Hasan

Dr Mohammed Muvaffak Al Hasan
Assistant Professor
Phone: +968 26850100 Extn:350
Location: Barka building

Dr Muhammed is a graduate of the University of Lille, France, and holds a Ph.D. in Oriental Languages, Civilizations, and Societies, specialising in Comparative Linguistics. Before joining Sohar University as an Assistant Professor in the Arabic Language and Literature Program, Dr Muhammed held various positions at Aleppo University, Syria, and Istanbul Okan University, Turkey. He has published numerous articles on linguistics and Arabic language instruction, two of his primary academic areas.

  • Ph.D. in Oriental Languages, Civilization and Societies (Comparative Linguistics), University of Lille, France, 2011.
  • MA. In Semitic Languages, University of Aleppo, Syria, 2006.
  • BA. In Arabic Language and Literature, University of Aleppo, Syria, 1998.​

​Arabic Language: 

  • ​Linguistics
  • Philology
  • Teaching Arabic to non-Native Speakers
  • Manuscripts Achievement

Arabic Language: 

  • ​Linguistics
  • Philology
  • Teaching Arabic to non-Native Speakers
  • ​Manuscripts Achievement
  • Alhasan, M. M. (2019). Scientific Blogs as an Observatory to Follow Scientific Term Usage in Terms of Arabization and Spreading, Linguistics Studies Revue, (Accepted).
  • Alhasan, M. M. (2017). Teaching Arabic Grammar to non-Native Speakers Reality and Development Possibilities in the Light of Modern Linguistics. Proceedings of the first International symposium on teaching Arabic to non-Native Speakers a look toward the future (pp. 33-58). Istanbul: Marmara University.
  • Alhasan, M. M. (2016). Failure of Teaching Arabic to non-Native Speakers Books in the Field of Teaching Compound Tenses. In Sanobar, Ahmad & Yusri, Islam (Eds), 2nd Istanbul International Seminar on “Teaching Arabic to non-Native Speakers (pp. 485-512). Istanbul: ISAR.
  • Alhasan, M. M. (2005). Metrical Structure in the Book Song of Songs, Research Revue of Aleppo University, 53(2):77-92.​
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