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محمود عياش يونس

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المبني : G, رقم المكتب : 002
  • Phd in Electrical Engineering from University Malaya, Malaysia.
  • Msc in Electrical Engineering from University Malaya, Malaysia
  • Control Systems
  • Power Electronics
  • Power System Protection
  • Power System Analysis
  • Power System Design
  • Energy Conversion and Utilization
  • Power Electronics
  • Renewable Energy Systems
  • SF Taghizadeh, NML Tan, B Nikouei, MAA Younis 'Dynamic voltage restorer using the combination of fuzzy logic and EPLL control strategies: An optimized implementation', Innovative Smart Grid Technologies-Asia (ISGT Asia), 2014 IEEE, 554-559
  • B. Nikouei, Nadia M.L. Tan, S.F. Taghizadeh and M.A.A. Younis, "Design of a 27-level cascaded converter as FACTS device for voltage sag mitigation," Australian Journal of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, vol. 12, no. 3, PP. 232-241, Nov. 2015.
  • Ahmed Belhamadia, Muhamad Mansor, Mahmoud Younis, "Hybrid Diesel/PV System Sizing and Cost Estimation" International Conference on Clean Energy and Technology CEAT 2014.
  • M.H. Al-Mansoori, A.S. Al-Qasmi, K.M. Al-Abri, W.S. Al-Ghaithi and M.A.A. Younis, 'Wideband EDFA Utilizing Short-length High Concentration Erbium-doped Fiber," IEEE 5th International Conference on Photonics 2014 (ICP2014),2nd to 4th September 2014, Malaysia.
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