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Karim Saleh Al-Habsi

Karim Saleh Al-Habsi

Faculty of Business

I was truly honored to be given the opportunity to pursue my undergraduate studies in Business Management at Sohar University. Sohar University is regarded as one of the Sultanate's most prestigious institutions. The experience gained throughout the learning journey was astounding and unforgettable, with the university prudently providing us with a fascinating environment in which we were exposed to various challenges/experiments that enabled us to enhance and up-skill our practical as well as theoretical competencies in a manner that corresponded with employability requirements. The experience gained has opened up valuable doors of employment opportunities, and I have been fortunate to be appointed by reputable organizations in a variety of industries, including oil and gas, services, and banking.

I am currently working at the Central Bank of Oman as a Senior Human Resources Specialist as a result of my Sohar University experience, and I am implementing at the workplace the knowledge acquired to perform my roles effectively, which knowledge includes interpersonal skills, team building, innovation, IT literacy, analysis, reporting, and so on. Furthermore, the skills I learned enabled me to pursue postgraduate studies in the UK, where I was able to correlate the competencies I gained from participating in various activities at Sohar University such as English Association Group, delivering a speech at the students' alumni/graduation ceremony, site visits to various entities organized by SU, workshops, symposiums, and others occassions. Skill-set such as report writing, critical analysis, researching and so forth have played a very fundamental role in underpinning my learning journey in the UK as I was able to cope up with numerous multi-cultural backgrounds, apply the learnt academic skills, communicate effectively, showcase my potentials & accordingly contribute in the field of research in various disciplines. Also, set of obtained skills have allowed me to acquire professional certificate which is CIPD and CIA.

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