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Iman Ali Nasser Al Kiyumi

Iman Ali Nasser Al Kiyumi

Faculty of Language Studies

Being a student at Sohar University was one of the most remarkable and memorable experiences of my life. It has exposed me to an intriguing environment where each year presented new challenges and lessons that enhanced my cognitive capacities and practical skills not just in my line of work as an English teacher, but also as a researcher. Moreover, it has provided me with many opportunities that fulfilled my requirements as an undergraduate and allowed me to demonstrate my full potential in fluent speaking, research writing, and teamwork, such as my participation in the Student Support Classes Program to teach and transfer my knowledge to other students. I also joined scientific research and innovation with a group of outstanding students, and I attended online meetings as well as meetings at the university that were distinguished by the inclusion of a group of excellent teachers from various faculties, not to mention the other educational workshops in which I participated. This exceptional academic foundation enabled me to earn a very high GPA and to be recognised four times on the Dean's and Vice Chancellor's Lists; consequently, it has equipped me to enter the labour market with all my strength.

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