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Fatema Sayed

Fatema Sayed

Faculty of Language Studies

Being a student at Sohar University has shown me that I have unlimited potential to do well at academic levels and solve any problems I face.

As an expatriate student, I had many difficulties integrating with my colleagues at the beginning. It was even harder being a student with chronic health conditions that forced me to be absent a lot. I thought I could never be an excellent student or be able to merge with the new environment, but my teachers showed me the exact opposite. They supported and guided me all the way through; some of them even felt like family to me. They trusted my abilities, so I started to trust myself. They encouraged me to be a peer tutor and to participate in the English language conference, although I had low self-esteem back then.

Melancholy has lost her hold on me, and I am no longer the pensive Fatima that I was. This vibrant campus has moulded me into an enterprising, workaholic student. My academic achievements have always been recognised and awarded. This, in turn, has enhanced my confidence and my social and academic intelligence.

My journey at Sohar University goes beyond words. I am grateful to this campus for changing me into the person I am today, and I’m happy to be fortunate enough to enrol in this great university!

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