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General Entry Requirements

General Requirements

Admission regulations are used to specify the prior knowledge and skills necessary in relation to the content and objectives of a programme, and the criteria according to which the suitability of a prospective student will be judged. Procedures for assessing any prior learning or credit of non-standard applicants or for advanced entry are included.

The admission of a student is based on the reasonable expectation that the student will be able to fulfil the objectives of the programme and achieve the standard required for the award.  The number of students admitted may be controlled by directives issued by the Ministry of Higher Education as well as by internal recruitment targets of the University.

Entry requirements apply equally to full-time and part-time study, taught programmes and those delivered wholly, or in part, by supported learning, or through work placements.

Students may alter their mode of study within a programme if necessary due to circumstances, if provision is available and with the agreement of the University.

All entry qualifications must be authenticated, so students must provide proof of qualifications gained. Any student not complying with such a request, or falsifying evidence is liable to exclusion from the University. The number, range and scope of admissions may be guided or limited by student target numbers in the context of the University Strategic Plan, or by other constraints on numbers (e.g. facilities).

Students may change their programme of study and enter another programme subject to:

  • The entry requirements of the proposed programme
  • The availability of a place on the proposed programme
  • The agreement of the dean of the faculty of the former and proposed programmes
  • The viability of completion of the proposed programme, including sufficient time available (admission to the new programme may need to be at a lower level academically than that which the student is terminating)
  • Obtaining the agreement of the student’s scholarship sponsor, where applicable.
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