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Master in Public Law
Ms. Afaq Al Breiki
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Our Students
​​​We are pleased to welcome you to the Faculty of Law at Sohar University. It is the newest and fastest-growing faculty in the university, which, despite its novelty, attracts an increasing number of students annually, whether from within the Sultanate or from various Arab countries. The College offers a Bachelor's Degree in Law and a Master's Degree in Public Law, and they are taught in Arabic. The faculty has an elite academic staff who have qualifications and specialized scientific expertise in various streams of law. They work hard to provide all the different knowledge to prepare generations of students who will be able to deal with future legal challenges.

Choosing the Faculty of Law is a modern and appropriate choice which ensures that you have an outstanding personality in the present and future. The faculty is distinguished by providing legal knowledge and skills in the best form and promoting legal education; by following patterns of learning for students that combine theory and practical application in the form of workshops, seminars and moot courts, whether these activities are provided within the Faculty of Law itself or on the campus or outside the campus; This gives students the practical experience that enables them to acquire the necessary skills to deal with legal problems and find solutions. In addition, it provides them with modern legal thought to prepare them appropriately to the practice of the legal profession in all different legal institutions and departments.

We are once again pleased to welcome you to the Faculty of Law at Sohar University.

Why our programs?
The Bachelor of Laws program at Sohar University aims to:

  • Provide students with legal qualifications for legal careers in all administrative, economic and social fields.
  • Extract the analytical skills needed to solve legal problems and find the necessary solutions.
  • Support students with theoretical knowledge that helps in solving issues related to commercial and economic transactions of modern business.
  • Prepare legal professionals capable of scientific research and legal analysis to contribute to the development of Omani legislation.
  • Valuation of legal theories and basic comparative experiences in all legal profession of graduate students to serve Omani society within the ethical values, independent and collective work.

The Master’s Program in Public Law at Sohar University aims to:

  • Prepare students capable of resolving common law disputes in society.
  • Develop higher specialized intellectual capacities of students in the field of public law in line with social, economic and political developments.
  • Train students to employ comparative specialized legal studies in developing the legal system.
  • Enable students to conduct specialized comparative research in the public law branch to enrich legal knowledge and respect the ethics of scientific research.
  • Provide the community with qualified specialists in various areas of public law.
  • Apply basic ethical rules to practice legal profession and serve society.
  • Create the right environment for this program to be a nucleus and a basic building block for the other specialized master's programs.

The Faculty of Law, with its experienced academic staff, is committed to providing quality education.

The Faculty uses different methods of teaching to train students into becoming excellent future professions in their field of jurisdiction. Students learn how to meet the market needs and provide legal advice as per the international standards.

Students are directed towards learner’s autonomy. Training and practice opportunities are provided to all students inside and outside the campus. Moot Court is one of the places where students can practice the nature and feeling of a real court.

Outside the campus, students usually have secured internship opportunities in private and public legal offices.

Programs are designed to maximize the students’ problem-solving, critical thinking, creativity and communication skills. The ultimate aim is to enable the Faculty’s graduates to play leading roles in their professions as well as in their broader community.

The Faculty is working to introduce postgraduate programs in order to serve the need of the market and provide an opportunity for graduate students to pursue their postgraduate studies and do researches that would improve the legal system in Oman and beyond.

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