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Language Studies

Ms. Roqia Al Busaidi
Administrative Officer
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Our Students
Dr Mahmoud

It is my great pleasure to welcome you to the Faculty of Language Studies at Sohar University. The Faculty is committed to making sure that our students and teachers can reach their full potential in a teaching and learning environment that is open to everyone.

The Faculty’s undergraduate programs and MA in TESOL belong to a globally connected network through benchmarking activities to keep abreast of international standards, research collaborations, conferences and professional body memberships.

With a focus on critical thinking and being able to work with people from other cultures, our programs prepare students for careers as language professionals and experts in intercultural communication.

To enrich its portfolio of undergraduate and postgraduate programs and further respond to emerging market needs, the Faculty is planning to offer a BA in English and Business Management and an MA program in translation and Interpreting.

Our students enjoy a high degree of learner autonomy through the embrace of innovative, student-centred teaching methods, including task-based, project-based, problem based, and team-based methodologies that incorporate real world experiences. Led by qualified and devoted members of academic staff, course delivery makes use of modern educational technology tools as well as online management systems and platforms. Our staff come from diverse educational and cultural backgrounds and bring with them their own enriching perspectives and experiences.

The Faculty is building its research capacity with many academic staff producing research of contemporary relevance and value and a focus on topics related to language and translation education, social heritage, and literature. Our students have their fair share of research opportunities through active participation in Sohar University Student-led Language and Translation conferences as well as through undergraduate and graduate research grant projects.

We look forward to bringing you along on our voyage of knowledge and discovery, where you will receive all the direction, support, and encouragement necessary to achieve your goals and excel in the future.

Prof. Mamdouh Yousef Imran
Dean, Faculty of Language Studies

The Faculty of Language Studies at Sohar University is known for its dedication to supporting creative teaching and high-quality research, as evidenced by its trained and experienced academic staff, state-of-the-art facilities, and advanced technology essential for language studies.

The Faculty is committed to providing a teaching, learning, and research environment in which all students and faculty members can accomplish their full potential. To that end, a culture of collegiality and integrity is promoted, and a high level of learner’s autonomy is cultivated. Our programs and courses aim at maximizing students’ 21st century skills, including effective communication and critical thinking as well as enhancing their research skills through involvement in undergraduate and postgraduate research projects and grants.

The Faculty is committed to the ongoing development of its programs by benchmarking them against equivalent courses offered at other national and international educational institutions as well as the standards of professional organizations. This guarantees that the curricula offered by the Faculty are appropriate, up-to-date, and pertinent to the demands placed on society. The same guidelines apply to the introduction of new programs and courses. FLS takes great satisfaction in the fact that its faculty members are very proficient in open and hybrid learning methodologies and course content. They consistently push their students to expand their horizons of thought and knowledge. In addition to their expertise and diligence in their respective professions, faculty members are also exceptionally supportive of students, going out of their way to make them feel welcome and to provide rapid assistance when needed. FLS will continue to recruit distinguished academics with pertinent experience and knowledge.

FLS currently offers two undergraduate programs leading to two bachelor degrees in English Language and Literature (ELL) and English Language and Translation (ELT). The two bachelor degrees share a Diploma in English Language Studies (ELS).

The Faculty also offers a postgraduate program in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) leading to an MA in TESOL.

To expand its academic offer both at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels, the Faculty is also planning to offer a bachelor in English and Business Management and an MA in translation and interpreting.

Salient Features

Why study our programs?

It’s Your Road to a Brighter Future…

The ultimate objective is to enable graduates of the Faculty to assume leadership positions in their communities, particularly in fields related to English, translation, and TESOL.

New student-centred teaching methods including task-based, project-based, problem-based, and team-based approaches with real-world experiences promote learner autonomy in our courses.

The program exposes the students to:

  • Internationally connected network.
  • Distinct career opportunities.
  • A rigorous academic learning experience.

Programs Offered:

Learning Outcomes of the Program:

By selecting from a variety of option courses, students will gain a comprehensive understanding of the fundamental skills and real-world skills of business and leadership, as well as the ability to build specialized knowledge pool.

  • Use knowledge of language.
  • Use knowledge of linguistics.
  • Use knowledge of literature.
  • Effectively communicate in English.
  • Use job-related organizational, interpersonal, and ethical skills.
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