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Administrative Officer
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Our Students
Dr Mahmoud

It is a great pleasure to welcome you to the Faculty of Language Studies at Sohar University. In line with Sohar University’s vision, mission and goals, the Faculty of Language Studies is committed to providing an inclusive teaching and learning environment with all kinds of resources that would enable students and teachers to demonstrate their full potential.

The Faculty currently runs two undergraduate programmes and one postgraduate programme: a Bachelor in English Language and Literature, a Bachelor in English Language and Translation and a Master of Arts in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL). These programmes are constantly updated to align with academic, industry and market needs in order to ensure that students are equipped with interpersonal skills, work ethics and professionalism, critical thinking and problem solving skills as well as intercultural awareness and competency that enable them to excel in their studies and prepare them for future careers. To enrich its postgraduate profile, the Faculty is planning to develop an MA programme in Translation.

Our courses emphasize a high degree of learner autonomy through embrace of innovative student-centered teaching methods, including task-based, project-based, problem based, and team-based methodologies incorporating real world experiences. Delivery of courses involves a blended learning approach with use of technology as well as online management systems and platforms. Delivery is led by qualified and devoted members of staff who come from diverse educational and cultural backgrounds and bring with them their own enriching perspectives and experiences.

The Faculty is building its research capacity with many academic staff members producing research output in the areas of relevance and value to the local and national community, focusing on language related topics as well as education, social heritage and literature. Our students have their fair share of research opportunities through active participation in Sohar University Student-led Language Conferences, Translation Days, TESOL Symposia as well as Undergraduate and Graduate Research Grants.

We look forward to sharing our journey of knowledge and discovery with you, where you will be sure to have all the guidance, support and encouragement you need to achieve your goals and excel in your future.

Prof. Mamdouh Yousef Imran
Dean, Faculty of Language Studies

The Faculty of Language Studies currently offers two undergraduate programmes leading to two bachelor degrees in English Language and Literature (ELL) and English Language and Translation (ELT). The two bachelor degrees share a Diploma in English Language Studies (ELS).

The Faculty also offers a postgraduate programme in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) leading to an MA in TESOL.

With its qualified and experienced academic staff and use of state-of-the-art facilities and cutting-edge technology, the Faculty of Language Studies at Sohar University is known for its commitment to promoting innovative teaching and high quality research.

The Faculty is committed to the provision of a vibrant teaching, learning and research environment whereby both students and staff can realize their full potential. To that end, a culture of collegiality, transparency, respect, fairness, honesty, integrity and ethical behavior is promoted, and a high level of learner’s autonomy is cultivated. Our programs and courses do not only aim to maximize the students’ problem-solving, critical thinking, creativity and communication skills, but also endeavor to enhance their research skills through involvement in undergraduate and postgraduate research projects and grants. The ultimate aim is to enable the Faculty’s graduates to play leading roles in their community especially in fields related to English, translation and TESOL.

Moreover, in order to be on a par with academic standards worldwide and ensure that the Faculty’s curricula are appropriate, contemporary and relevant to the society’s need, the Faculty continuously develops its programs by benchmarking them with similar programs at other national and international higher education institutions and professional body standards. The same criteria govern the Faculty’s efforts to introduce new programs.

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