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Our Students

The Faculty of Engineering plays a vital role in the strategic direction of Sohar University towards academic excellence.

As a Student-centered faculty, our rigorous and accredited curriculum embedded with applied research sets us apart as a unique organization.

Engineers Australia has accredited the Bachelor programs of the Faculty of Engineering, which have now gained international recognition. The Faculty of Engineering is proud to offer the PhD program, which aims to develop world-class researchers working on state-of-the-art technologies. The students enrolled in our faculty, are provided with unique and invaluable practical training at renowned facilities like Grace catalysis labs and Intaj Suhar. The labs at the faculty are well-equipped with exceptional research infrastructure focused on creating new technologies to address problems faced by industries. The faculty has a strong relationship with leading industries through collaborative research and knowledge transfer projects. At our faculty, the teachers, graduates, and students are driven by an innovative approach and contribute towards community development and future technologies.

The Faculty of Engineering promotes research and entrepreneurship in the priority areas of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and will continue to develop an outstanding workforce for organisations in the increasingly competitive global and national markets.

The Faculty of Engineering, one of the leading and research active faculties in Sohar University, is well known for the longstanding reputation in delivering high quality academic programs. The Faculty currently offers four Bachelor programs ( Chemical, Civil, Electrical and Computer, Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering), one Master program(Environmental Engineering) and a Doctoral Program (PhD in Engineering). The Bachelor programs are accredited by the internationally recognized accreditation body, Engineers Australia. The Faculty of Engineering is a perfect choice for pursuing an engineering career as the students will have the opportunity to interact with experienced and reputed academics, renowned researchers, and gain real-world experience through on-hands training and state-of the art research. The Faculty of Engineering alumni are well placed in leading national and international organizations. We will provide you a proactive environment where you enjoy learning.

Join us for a successful future…

Vision and Mission:

  • Build a culture on respect and fair treatment of the individual.
  • Encourage ethical behaviour, critical thinking, collegiality, transparency, and accountability.
  • Adhere to and demonstrate honesty and integrity in all the activities in which we engage.
  • Continuously strive to develop our knowledge, skills, and competence to better fulfil our education, research, and service responsibilities.


  • To acquire, promote, develop and disseminate knowledge of engineering and its application.
  • To improve the quality of life, and to equip present and future generations with skills and attitudes to attain competence as professional engineers.
  • To interact with industry and community for sustainable development of mankind.


  • Sohar University classrooms and labs are equipped with a variety of technologies to enhance the teaching and learning experience.
  • The Learning Resources Centre (LRC) provides world-class facilities to support students, academics, and researchers to enable them to achieve success and academic excellence. It includes books, printed journals, magazines, newspapers, DVDs, CDs, theses, special collections and E-resources.
  • Career Guidance Services (CGS) advises the university students on their transition from studying to profession and it offers guidance and support on their study choices besides responding to their career enquiries at the Diploma, Bachelor and Master levels.
  • The SU ITS team is here to help with IT support to get you set up and connected, ready for Blended Learning study. One can participate in courses by downloading the slides, videos, reading materials and practice tests, and join the chat rooms and discussion forums set up by lecturers through Sohar University Learning Management System (SULMS).

Why study our program?

  • Accredited undergraduate program by Engineers Australia:

    With undergraduate Engineering program accredited by Engineering Australia; the faculty is providing education in parallel with international standards.

  • Stimulating and supportive learning environment in world class facilities:

    SU has world-class infrastructure with cutting-edge equipment and technology in order to meet student demand, deliver excellent research and facilitate knowledge-transfer and industry links.

  • Focus on practice-based learning with industrial experience:

    Modern and up-to-date facilities, similar to those used in commercial laboratories, promote practical learning and ensure that our students are well-trained and knowledgeable on the latest technologies and instruments.

  • Develop the spirit of creation and innovation:

    The university intends to support entrepreneurship-driven research and build strong multidisciplinary program in strategically selected priority areas, which will be handled by the institution's research centre.

  • Flexible learning pathways:

    The student has the freedom to determine when and how they will study, allowing them to create a study plan that is optimal for their learning style and schedule.

  • Open wide horizons for employment in different disciplines:

    A university degree considerably increases one's employment prospects, and the earning potential is enormous.

  • Hands on training using industrial scale size equipment:

    Since the university is home to major industrial facilities like Intaj Suhar, Grace, and Green House, students will have unique chances to learn how to use teaching and research equipment on an industrial scale through hands-on training.

Program Offered:

  • Chemical Engineering:

    The goal of the Chemical Engineering program is to develop well-qualified Chemical Engineers who can work in industries and other related fields as Chemical Engineer, Process Engineer, Environmental Engineer, Oil Engineer, and Chemical Engineering Researcher.

  • Civil Engineering:

    Each course is structured to help you become a future leader in the field of Civil Engineering by equipping you with the knowledge and experience you need to analyse issues, create solutions, and execute the project.

  • Electrical and Computer Engineering:

    Earning a Bachelor degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering is a great place to start if you're prepared to build a solid foundation in math and engineering and utilise your skills to create new and exciting things.

  • Mechanical Engineering:

    Graduates will be prepared to enter professions in mechanical component and system design, installation, manufacture, testing, technical sales, maintenance, and other related fields. Mechanical and Mechatronic engineering is a diverse field integrating Mechanical engineering with Control, Automation, and Robotics. The program has two exit points, which are Diploma and Bachelor's degree. The Mechanical and Mechatronic engineering program enables the students to develop expertise in core areas such as Applied Mechanics & Design, Thermal Engineering, Production & Manufacturing, Mechatronics, Automation, and Robotics. The program is practice-oriented and aimed to develop well-qualified Mechanical and Mechatronic (MME) engineers who could work in industries and other related environments. The curriculum contains significant practical components, industrial visits, and training opportunities aimed at integrating theory with practical applications. A Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering Bachelor's degree graduate can be recruited in many sectors such as industries, ministry, consultancies, and the education sector. The graduate engineers can work as Mechanical engineers, Systems engineers, Mechatronic engineers, Maintenance engineers, Manufacturing Engineers and Automation Engineers. The Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering program offered by Sohar University is professionally accredited by Engineers Australia (EA).

  • Master of Engineering in Environmental Engineering Program:

    Environmental engineering focuses on creating and improving infrastructure that stops the deterioration and contamination of natural resources such as air, water, and land. A degree in Environmental Engineering is perfect for people who understand and value our connection to nature.

  • PhD Engineering:

    Engineering PhD program are challenging and demand that students make major contributions to the area through research and practice. Engineering PhD program prepare students for careers in academia, research, government, and industry.

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