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Education and Arts

Research & Innovation at Sohar university
Intajs Sohar
Intajs Sohar
Intajs Sohar
Ms. Huda Al Jahwari 
Tel: (+968) 26850100 - Ext: 266

Ms. Nawal Al Kahali 
Tel: (+968) 26850100 - Ext: 607
Office: Barka, 3rd Floor

Mrs. Zalikha Al Shizawi
Administrative Officer ( Master program)
Tel: (+968) 26850189 – Ext: 189
Email: zalika@su.edu.om
Office: Barka, 3rd Floor.

Our Students
Dr Ali

Welcome to Faculty of Education and Arts (FEA). The faculty provides educational programs with a focus on constructivist learning approach and active learning. Students are to be prepared as active and long life learners. Curricula contain fundamental knowledge, skills, and values essential to practice future careers. Therefore, the programs at the faculty provide the students with opportunities to excel academically and professionally.

The faculty is at the fore-front of research and teaching and offers a wide variety of programs leading to certificates, bachelor, Higher Diploma (teacher preparation) and Master programs. The faculty targets the market and society demands as base to develop and offer related programs to meet these demands. Choose the Faculty of Education and Arts and you will join a vibrant, devoted and talented group of academics with a profile and presence second to none. Wherever your interest lies you will be given every opportunity to follow your passion, to pursue your research interests and to develop your analytical, critical and creative faculties.

We believe Sohar University is an amazing place where students interact positively to share ideas, thought and knowledge, and to build higher-order thinking skills and communicative skills. We strive, at Faculty of Education and Arts, to listen, and to help every student and provide all kind of academic support through an open door policy to enhance their learning experiences.

Dr Ali Al Shamli
Dean, Faculty of Education and Arts

Why study our programs?

  • Equipping the future teachers with necessary pedagogical skills and Enabling them to make proper use of instructional tools and methods.
  • Imparting an adequate knowledge of the subject and developing proper attitudes towards teaching.
  • Developing students' creativity, self-assessment and critical thinking skills.
  • Developing the best skills to stimulate experience in the teaching under an artificially created environment.
  • Transforming students into lifelong learners with the ability to thrive in an ever-changing world.

Faculty of Education and Arts provide a suitable and inclusive environment for learning and teaching. We deliver the highest quality of educational programs and work diligently to provide our undergraduate and postgraduate students with the best  programs and platforms necessary to succeed in whichever career pathway they choose. In an effort to ensure an accessible, collaborative and inspirational learning environment.

Our Faculty is recognized as a multi-faceted and vibrant place where high-quality academic programs are provided for all students and equip them with necessary skills  and abilities to meet the market demands . Faculty’s members completed their academic careers in the best universities across the world and trying their best to reach the quality of education beyond the standards. Our alumni are agents of change in community and applying what they learned in workplace. Our Academic Advising team, faculty coordinators, administrators are always here to support students through their entire academic career.

We always strive collectively for helping our students to develop their talents and have the most comprehensive education to become the role models socially, intellectually, and morally in community. We are committed deeply to achieve student desires, and routinely go the extra mile in meeting student needs. We still recruit and admit energetic and motivated staff and students, sharing innovative ideas, research, and knowledge that achieve impact in the educational arena, and pursue excellence in their professional and personal lives.

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