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Business Development and Training

Business Development at Sohar University
Ms. Badrya Al Ajmi
Tel: (+968) 26850100 – Ext: 201
Direct: (+968) 26850111
Office: LRC, 3rd Floor

We at Sohar University offer a wild range of specialist business support aimed at helping businesses and organizations to grow, develop, and Success. Our team of experts is here to help you develop and grow your business through projects, research, consultation, Training, and dedicated business support or establish a business on SU campus.

We are committed to providing support for businesses and organizations of all sizes and sectors, to improve performance, impacts, and competitiveness on a local and global scale. Businesses and organizations can utilize the knowledge of our research and Innovation team, the expertise of staff, students, and graduates, and the outstanding facilities we have to offer.

Projects and Partnership

Working with businesses is part of our core offer as Sohar University. Our team supports the establishment long-term sustainability strategic relationship between academia and industry.

  • Develop national and international collaborations between Sohar University and partners from the public and private sectors.
  • Advice, mentor, and network to successfully bridge the gap between academia and industry.
  • Create contractual agreements to leverage industry partnerships, transfer knowledge and finance the knowledge economy in line with the developments of the times and meet the needs of society and the requirements of the labour market.
  • Transferring Ideas and Initiatives to live projects (concept development, planning, execution, and sustainability) supporting businesses and organizations from all industries.
  • In-Country Value (ICV) & Corporate Social Responsibility ( CSR) projects.
  • Establish a business on SU campus and beyond.

We work in partnership with businesses and organizations from all sectors to develop and deliver tailored training programmes. We also offer high-quality university courses and professional qualifications to individuals looking to develop their careers. Our Courses are flexible and delivered by professional practitioners able to share the latest knowledge and thinking in their area of expertise. We are dynamic in our approach to ensuring our courses and qualifications continue to reflect the changing needs of employers and market demands.

Working in conjunction with you we deliver courses reflecting industry needs. As the demand for high-level skills increases across a wide range of industry sectors, having access to a skilled workforce is important to the growth and resilience of local economies. We work with several industry sectors to develop skills in these areas including (Engineering (Mechanical, Civil, Chemical, Mechanical, Electrical ), Business & Administration, computing and information technology, advanced manufacturing, languages and laws.

We provide short courses, upskilling, and CPD options with training for professionals wishing to gain specialist knowledge and skills in a particular area, at Sohar University campus or at the company location depending on the nature of the course and the required training facilities.

The Technology Transfer Office (TTO) was established at Sohar University in cooperation with the Ministry of Higher Education, Scientific Research and Innovation. The office aims to protect all types of intellectual property rights and strengthen the link between academic institutions and industrial sectors as well as strengthen the link with the National Technology Transfer Office in the Ministry of Commerce. and industry in the Sultanate of Oman, and the mission and vision of the office are to support scientific research, innovations, and discoveries that govern intellectual property laws, as well as to protect individual human rights in the form of creations and inventions and to dispose of licensing to third parties on a commercial basis.

Support and Services

The Technology Transfer Office at Sohar University is the focal point between industry and academia, and the office provides support in:

  • Awareness of intellectual property rights through workshops, seminars, seminars, and exhibitions.
  • Support students and research staff in submitting and fulfilling intellectual property rights requirements.
  • Protection of intellectual property rights and marketing of research and innovation results.
  • Finding agreements and joint cooperation with the industrial sector for technology and new technologies for emerging companies.
  • Supporting small and medium enterprises towards innovation and scientific research.
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