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'Wajhni' Week at Sohar University

Wajhni Week at Sohar University

Sohar University, represented by career guidance services, organized the activities of Wajhni Week (direct me) in its second version. This initiative comes as part of SU interest in preparing its students for the labor market and providing them with the skills required to pass personal interviews and work tests. This week was held in cooperation with five institutions of higher education in the Sultanate: Sultan Qaboos University, the University of Technology and Applied Sciences in Sohar, and Middle East College, Gulf College, and College of Banking Studies. The university prepared seven (7) workshops in the field of career guidance, which started on November 7, 2022.

During the first day, three workshops were conducted: "How to Prepare a CV" workshop, presented by Mr. Khaled Al Harthy from Middle East College, and dealt with how to properly prepare a CV, which is the link between the job applicant and the employer. The second workshop was entitled "Employment Skills - What Makes You Qualified for Employment" presented by Dr. Khalil bin Ahmed from the University of Technology and Applied Sciences in Sohar, and dealt with many axes, most notably the skills required in the labor market. The first day concluded with a workshop on "Skills Required in the Labor Market" presented by Ms. Diana Al-Maimania from the College of Banking and Financial Studies. The workshop included the most important skills that a student and graduate must have to enter and compete in the labor market, how to prepare optimally for job interviews, the most important tips and questions and how to deal with them in job interviews and the ten main skills required by the labor market.

The workshops accompanying Wajhni week will be presented successively: the importance of training workshop, the psychological tests and measurements workshop, get your dream job workshop, and the first professional platform LinkedIn workshop.

It is worth noting that the activities of Wajhni Week, in its second version, will continue until November 09, 2022 on the university campus and through Microsoft Teams.

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