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SU Hosts "Tajseer Program" in Cooperation with the Ministry of Labour

SU Hosts Tajseer Program in Cooperation with the Ministry of Labour

About the program

Sohar University has hosted a comprehensive Career Guidance and Preparation program on its campus in collaboration with the Ministry of Labour from May 15th to 18th, 2023. The program was designed to support graduates’ transition from an academic environment to a professional environment, with the goal of providing them with the skills and information needed to meet the changing needs of the Labour market.


This programme was organised by the Career Guidance Services at Sohar University in recognition of the vital role that educational institutions play in augmenting the capabilities and skills of the nation's workforce. Its primary objective was to empower career counsellors and recent graduates, allowing them to pursue their professional aspirations and align their qualifications with the myriad employment opportunities available.

What is Tajseer Program?

  • The "Tajseer program" was created to meet the demand for ongoing improvement and certification. This program provided a thorough foundation for strengthening employability skills. Ms. Stella Da Silva, a Ministry of Labour vocational educator, oversaw the program's implementation to assure its success.
  • Tajseer's key components focused on professional preparation. Participants were instructed on CV writing, personal interviewing, and using LinkedIn to find academically compatible jobs. The programme also aimed to increase participants' self-confidence, helping them adapt to a changing job market and develop their professional identities.
  • The program's curriculum was carefully crafted to meet participants' different needs for a holistic approach to career readiness. Participants were able to write resumes that highlighted their skills and expertise with guidance. Through hands-on exercises and personalised feedback, participants improved their job prospects by tailoring their resumes to specific job criteria.
  • Personal interview preparation sessions were crucial for job interview success. Participants learned communication and interpersonal skills to confidently introduce oneself in interviews. Participants used their new abilities in simulated interviews and received constructive comments, improving their interview performance.
  • Tajseer emphasised LinkedIn for professional networking and job hunting. Participants learned how to use LinkedIn to recruit employers. They learnt how to build a web presence, network intelligently, and participate in professional communities. These skills are becoming more relevant as online networking becomes more significant for job prospects and career growth.

Benefit of this program

The program acknowledged the significance of personal growth and establishing a solid professional identity. Participants engaged in activities designed to increase their self-confidence and self-awareness, enabling them to project a confident and assertive image in the workplace. In addition, sessions on professional ethics and decorum provided participants with the knowledge necessary to navigate the professional world with integrity and professionalism.

Throughout the course of the programme, a variety of supplementary activities were organised to enhance the engagement and interaction of the participants. These activities allowed for networking, the exchange of experiences, and the development of a sense of community among the participants. The program was attended by 33 students from various disciplines at Sohar University, who responded enthusiastically and participated actively.

The success of the Tajseer programme can be attributed to the partnership between the Career Guidance Services at Sohar University and the Ministry of Labour. The program successfully bridged the divide between theoretical knowledge and real-world application by combining academic expertise with practical vocational training. Participants not only gained essential employability skills, but also valuable insights into the current trends and demands of the labour market.

Overall, the career guidance and preparation program conducted by Sohar University's Career Guidance Services (CGS) in collaboration with the Ministry of Labour is a commendable effort to equip students and recent graduates with the necessary tools and skills to be successful in their chosen careers. Through comprehensive training on resume writing, interview preparation, and the use of professional platforms such as LinkedIn, the program equips participants with the confidence to pursue their professional goals. By fostering participants' personal and professional development, the program aligns with the changing requirements of the labour market and sets them on the path to success.

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