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Sohar University introduces two new PhD Programs

Sohar University introduces two new PhD Programs

Faculty of Education and Arts:

The Faculty of Education and Arts is a great place to start if you want to develop a passion for learning and the ability to do so on a long-term basis. Graduates of the Faculty of Education and Arts have degrees that meet Ministry of Education criteria and are trained instructors who can work in any educational setting.

Faculty of Education and Arts at Sohar University:

The faculty is at the forefront of research and teaching and offers various programs leading to certificates, Bachelor's, Higher Diploma (teacher preparation), and Masters and PhD programs. The faculty uses market and societal demands as a guide to develop and offer programs to suit these requirements. Students benefit from research activities that support scholarship and research and are aligned with national educational priorities and the university's role in developing a knowledge nation.

Two new PhD Programs:

As part of SU's concern to diversifying its programs to be in line with the local and global developments, the university has offered two doctoral programs:

  • The Doctor of Philosophy in curricula and teaching methods- The program prepares graduates for roles as research scientists, post-doctoral associates in universities or research centres, and faculty roles at research or teaching universities.
  • The Doctor of Philosophy in Education Administration- The program intends to develop educational administration specialists and help researchers and interested individuals solve problems related to educational administration in the Sultanate of Oman.

These programs are research-based, and the university will provide all required facilities to support students during their study and research.

These programs are considered an important addition besides the PhD in Engineering and the other postgraduate and undergraduate programs.

Why choose Faculty of Education and Arts:

You'll be a part of a dynamic, passionate, and brilliant community of academics whose profile and presence are unparalleled if you join our Faculty of Education and Arts.

  • Providing future teachers with the necessary pedagogical skills and teaching them how to use appropriate teaching tools and methods.
  • Ensuring adequate subject knowledge and developing appropriate teaching attitudes.
  • Teaching students how to be creative, self-evaluate, and think critically.
  • Learning the best ways to stimulate experience in teaching in a setting that has been made up.
  • Creating lifelong learners capable of thriving in an ever-changing world.

Wherever your interest lies, you will be given every opportunity to follow your passion, pursue your research interests and develop your analytical, critical and creative faculties.

Sohar University in line with Oman Vision 2040:

Sohar University programs are based on the Oman Vision 2040 and the need for highly skilled cadres. The institution has been emphasizing quality higher education over quantity, especially education that is open to all and consistent with international norms. The institution is continually striving to add specializations to meet the demands of students and the needs of the labor market. The establishment of a solid scientific research and innovation foundation coupled with high-quality education demonstrates that the institution is on the right track.

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