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Munshid Sharjah 5th Session Performance Assessments at Sohar University

Munshid Sharjah 5th Session Performance Assessments at Sohar University

Sohar University hosted the inaugural qualifying performance assessments for the fifth session of Munshid Sharjah, a prestigious reality program dedicated to Arabic music. The event aimed to celebrate talent and foster cultural interchange. The event, which took place on September 5th, served as a platform to highlight the impressive vocal abilities of aspiring singers, while also celebrating the diverse historical and cultural heritage of Sohar, Oman.

The Venue and Participants

The theatre hall at Sohar University was filled with a sense of excitement and expectation as individuals from various backgrounds and locations gathered to exhibit their vocal talents. The duration of the event was a noteworthy twelve hours, commencing at 8 am and concluding at 8 pm, affording a substantial timeframe for the skilled participants to enthral both the viewers and judges.

The Judging Committee

The judging committee is a fundamental component of any music competition since it is entrusted with the task of carefully evaluating and selecting the most deserving vocalists to carry forward the legacy of the competition. In this case, the Sultanate of Oman was represented by two distinguished individuals, namely singers Mohammad Al-Dhahli and Abdul Hamid Al-Kayoumi. Their collective expertise and discerning ears added an extra layer of prestige to the event, ensuring that only the best talents would progress in the competition.

The Broadcast

While the electric atmosphere in the university's theatre hall was a spectacle in and of itself, Munshid Sharjah 5th Session also found its way into the homes of countless viewers. The entire event was meticulously recorded and then broadcast on Sharjah Channel, allowing a larger audience to witness the burgeoning talents and musical diversity on display at Sohar University.

One notable aspect of the present iteration of Munshid Sharjah was the incorporation of a segment that explored the historical and cultural sites of Sohar, providing viewers with an insight into the abundant heritage of Oman.

Sohar University: A Hub of Knowledge and Culture

Sohar University, as the esteemed venue for the qualifying assessments, played a crucial part in facilitating this cultural event. Due to its contemporary infrastructure and dedication to the pursuit of knowledge, the location served as an ideal setting for the commemoration of artistic expression and exceptional abilities. The theatre hall of the university reverberated with a symphony of melodies and harmonies, transforming into a transitory platform for the manifestation of ambitions and aspirations.

Community Collaboration: A Key to Success

It is important to acknowledge that the occurrence of an event of such magnitude would not have been feasible without the collective endeavours of many parties. The Ministry of Information, the Office of the Governor of North Al Batinah, and Sohar University each performed significant roles in assisting the efficient implementation of the activities carried out by the Munshid Sharjah show team. The assistance provided by their support was vital in allowing this cultural spectacular to stand out as a symbol of exceptional skill and enduring heritage.


The inaugural qualifying performance assessments for the 5th session of Munshid Sharjah at Sohar University encompassed more than a mere singing competition. Rather, they served as a celebration of culture, history, and artistic aptitude. The event's extensive broadcast not only highlighted the musicians' extraordinary musical talents but also served as an introduction for viewers to the enduring cultural and historical significance of Sohar, Oman. Munshid Sharjah serves as a monument to the continuing appeal of Arabic music and its profound influence on cultures and communities, owing to the joint endeavours of multiple institutions and the unwavering commitment of its participants.

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