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Sohar University Conducts Workshop on Environmental Effects on 16th June 2022

Sohar University Conducts Workshop on Environmental Effects

Environment influences our lives in many ways, including physical air quality, water quality and availability, natural disasters, and socio-cultural effects like biodiversity loss. One can find these factors in a wide range of settings such as rural areas, urban centres, and remote locations like rainforest regions.

Thus, it is a general requirement for people to be knowledgeable of these issues and at least try to preserve what we have left.

The knowledge acquired will, in turn, help people make informed choices when they are aware of possible consequences that may result if one were to do or not do certain things. This is the main theme that underlines studying the environment at a university.

Benefits of studying about environment in university

[1] Elevates empathy about the environment

Due to various reasons, such as a lot of information to process, people may tend to neglect the environment. Without empathy, there would be no defense mechanism that would act as a reminder to consider the environment.

By being knowledgeable and understanding the facts behind global issues in relation to the environment, one can be empathic towards the environment and how it directly impacts life.

[2] Acquires valuable skills

It is important to understand the environment, which allows the ability to analyze and see the different aspects that are not evident. Most people have a hard time understanding the environment, but when you know about it, you can see things that you weren't aware of before.

This is helpful in understanding complex and almost unimaginable situations faced by many people.

Being knowledgeable helps to understand the complexities in politics, business, and other social factors which influence our lives.

[3] Helps to understand government policy

It is essential to be able to understand environmental policies that have been put in place by governments. Having the knowledge of the environment leads one to gain an awareness of what has been implemented and why it was implemented and how they are expected to help solve water, air, and other environmental problems.

Some typical examples include policies on shoreline erosion, flash floods management, and solid waste management - three core issues that impact the environment in the Sultanate of Oman. The Faculty of Engineering at universities and environment theme researchers help to understand the environment better and take better care of it.

This was the main theme highlighting the Workshop on Environmental Effects.

Details about the Workshop

  • The Faculty of Engineering at Sohar University and environment theme researchers came together to hold an interactive workshop on environmental effects.
  • The workshop was aimed to elevate the knowledge base of the engineers from the Environment Authority, Oman.
  • The Environment Authority conducted this workshop on Thursday, 16 June 2022, at Sohar University.
  • The workshop is a part of many initiatives of the university to aid the public departments.
  • Three lectures, namely (1) Shoreline erosion (2) Flash floods management and (3) Solid waste management, have been delivered by Dr Eyad Abushandi, Dr Osama Ibrahim and Dr Nitin Raut, respectively.
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