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SU hosts a workshop on Block Funding Program in collaboration with the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation

SU hosts a workshop on Block Funding Program in collaboration with the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation

Sohar University (SU) is committed to improving its research capabilities so that it can set the platform for business growth and the transfer of knowledge, which will benefit both society and the economy.

The university is committed to promoting research developments and knowledge transfer in compliance with international standards. Higher education is fruitful when it is delivered in an environment where the academic staff is involved in research, innovation, and the sharing of knowledge. This contributes to the enrichment of the staff and student experience and the quality of education.

Sohar University is making significant effort to increase both the quality and quantity of research, as well as to promote staff and student participation in active research programs. As a result, the image of the university will strengthen, and it will become much easier for the university to expand and recruit qualified academics.

Research and Development Department at Sohar University

Sohar University's Research and Innovation Team works with several national and international institutions to enhance the quality of research, innovation, and knowledge sharing. It is also endeavouring to persuade faculty and students to cooperate on research projects in various areas so as to expand knowledge and wealth from diverse sources. This will help the university build research capabilities and infrastructure to support growth and bring in academics who will engage in research and come up with new, brighter ideas.

Workshop on Block Funding Program

To enhance the cooperation between Sohar University and the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation and grow in the field of research development and researcher support, the university, represented by the Department of Research and Development, organized a comprehensive training workshop for the academic staff on the Block Funding Program. The workshop was conducted on the university campus on January 18, 2023, by Mr. Abdullah Al-Sulimi from the Ministry.

Highlights of the workshop

Several important topics were discussed at the workshop, notably:

  • Introducing the block funding program.
  • Presenting the requirements and categories of the program.
  • Presenting any updates in the guidelines.
  • Evaluating research proposals criteria.
  • Explaining the submission mechanism through the electronic system (RIMS).

Goal of the Workshop

  • The workshop aims to raise public awareness about the importance of supporting and funding research.
  • Supporting and funding research from the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation.
  • To improve the collaboration between the Ministry of Higher Education, Research, and Innovation and Sohar University.
  • The workshop would help to promote the culture of scientific research and its development at the individual and institutional levels in a way that serves the public interest.
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