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Sohar University's Annual Staff Development Week 2023-2024

Sohar University's Annual Staff Development Week 2023-2024

On September 4, 2023, Sohar University (SU) launched its highly anticipated annual Staff Development Week for the academic year 2023/2024. The event was attended by the Vice Chancellor of the university, as well as administrative and academic staff. This significant event will continue until Thursday, September 7, 2023. The Staff Development Week serves as a fundamental component of the university's efforts to enhance and develop the skills and abilities of its employees, encompassing both administrative and academic roles.

Inaugural Address by Vice Chancellor Dr Hamdan Al Fazari

The program began with a welcoming speech and introductory address delivered by Dr Hamdan Al Fazari, the University Vice Chancellor. This address has given all staff a full image of last year’s achievements, the targets for this year as well as the future plans. He also confirms and emphasises the crucial significance of promoting the professional development of all employees at Sohar University.

Readiness for Institutional Reaccreditation

After the Vice Chancellor's address, Dr Ali Al-Hasnawi, the Director of the Quality Assurance and Accreditation Department, delivered a presentation to provide insights into the university's readiness for the process of institutional re-accreditation. Throughout this presentation, great attention has been made regarding the importance and need to be fully aware of any updates in terms of the next accreditation and to be fully committed to achieving high levels of performance.

Celebrating Excellence: The VC Outstanding Achievement Awards

One notable highlight of the program was the acknowledgment of exceptional achievements within the academic community. The Vice-Chancellor bestowed the VC Outstanding Achievement Award for the academic year 2022-23 upon deserving recipients. Additionally, the VC Outstanding Teaching Award was conferred on those who demonstrated outstanding teaching prowess. Furthermore, long-serving employees who had dedicated 10 and 20 years of their careers to the university were also honoured for their unwavering commitment and service.

A Week of developing talents and Empowerment

The core essence of the Staff Development Week is in its comprehensive agenda that includes workshops and lectures are made to provide advantages to all employees, regardless of their positions as either academic or administrative members within the SU. The primary objective of this all-encompassing program is to provide staff members with the essential information and skills so for that they be aware of their responsibilities, while also addressing the dynamic requirements of the university.

Welcoming New Staff: Induction Program

As part of the Staff Development Week, SU Management welcomed newly appointed staff members who have just become part of the university community. A full day program was prepared, comprehensive information has been developed to help the staff to effectively understand the dynamic of academic community of the university. This program highlights the university's dedication to fostering and providing assistance to its most recent employees.

Leadership in Action: Ms. Fatma Gharib Al Jabri

Ms. Fatma Gharib Al Jabri, who recently undertook the role of Head of Staff Development, is directing this important event. Her leadership and commitment are essential in coordinating the complete week's events. In her own words, Ms. Fatma emphasizes the significance of this week as an opportunity to communicate and networking among all employees, including the most recently hired. It enables the university to begin the upcoming academic year with a highly competent and motivated staff.

A Vision for Empowerment

The Staff Development Department aims to undertake a series of training courses and activities as part of the annual plan. These initiatives are designed to increase the skills and competencies of the university's staff, aligning with the strategic goals of the institution and the national objectives outlined in the Oman 2040 Vision.

In summary, the Annual Staff Development Week Program for the academic year 2023-2024 at Sohar University highlighted a significant achievement in the institution's continuous dedication to emphasised a culture of excellence. This week's event includes a variety of training programs, workshops, and a hospitable reception for newly appointed Staff, all of which contribute to establishing a foundation for a prosperous academic year. Under the proficient guidance of the Head of Staff Development Ms. Fatma Gharib Al Jabri, the university community collaboratively provides full support for Academics as well as the Administrative staff at all levels so they can raise up their competencies, exchange information, and strengthen their interpersonal connections.

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