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New students

Did you know?

Visitors can join our campus Wi-Fi guest network on their mobile devices. To join simply follow these steps:

  • When on campus, access your mobile device Wi-Fi settings
  • Select the SUGuest network
  • Open a mobile browser on your device
  • When redirected, accept the SU terms and conditions of use

Your guest access will last for 24 hours - enjoy!

Find more about campus Wi-Fi


The Office of Information Technology Services (ITS) would like to take this opportunity to wish you an enjoyable and productive academic year in SU. ITS taking advantage of information technology to support the pursuit of knowledge in an integrated environment. We believe technology can develop an open, group/working well together, and bringing together as one culture.

To help you get started with technology, we've collected/made the following checklist.

  1. Wi-Fi: Students can connect to unlimited Wi-Fi using Student ID and Password. Wi-Fi coverage is available on whole campus as well as in student hostel.
    Please note: Do NOT Share Your Password with anyone”

  2. Print: There nine student’s Photocopier located in different location, 1000 pages per semester provided for each student. You can print by send request from any labs inside the campus or from any devices connected to Wi-Fi inside the campus.

  3. Office 365 and One drive: Each student has the right to download full office 365 suite on his own devices and he is also provided with access to OneDrive cloud storage with unlimited space. Users can collaborate using these applications and shared storage.

  4. Computer Laboratories: There are more than 21 computer laboratories in Sohar university campus, some of these computer labs are dedicated for free access by students such as the 90 computers free access lab in LIWA building, another big number of computers also distributed in many free access areas such as LRC building. Computers labs are used for teaching and for self-training by students as most of the computers can be used for free access in non-scheduled hours.

  5. Email: Every student provided with his/her own Office 365 E-Mail account. E-mail address login credential is students_ID@students.su.edu.om

Once you arrive for Registration:

  • Get your Students ID and Password from Registration Department

  • Connect to SU Wi-Fi through Student using your Student ID and Password.

  • Free Access Lab is available for use any time from 8 AM till 4 PM

  • Computers in LRC can be used by student during the LRC working hours

  • Configure Your SU E-mail on your phone and/or laptop.

  • Check and activate e-services

  • For further help, visit IT Support center in LRC 2nd floor.

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