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Did you know?

Visitors can join our campus Wi-Fi guest network on their mobile devices. To join simply follow these steps:

  • When on campus, access your mobile device Wi-Fi settings
  • Select the SUGuest network
  • Open a mobile browser on your device
  • When redirected, accept the SU terms and conditions of use

Your guest access will last for 24 hours - enjoy!

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Student Printing Services
  • Sohar University Provide 1000 pages per semester for each MHE Sponsored student.
  • Students need to use their on username and password to access photocopier and remember to log off after usage.
  • Students can send their print request from any labs inside the campus and they can release any one of the nine student’s Photocopier located in different location.
  • With the help of Mobile Printing Student can send their print request from any devices connected to Wi-Fi inside the campus
  • Students can check their print account details via Su-website->My Su->Printer Details.
  • Students can raise their printing related issues via telephone located at each Photocopier.
  • We are providing sample documentation how to use printing solution at each notice board nearby photocopier and in Su-website also
  • Students can use 24-Hour photocopier service.
  • Student photocopiers are only for students printing purpose Staff access denied.
Staff Printing Service
  • Staff can use photocopier in each Faculties/Departments.
  • Staff can use their own staff username and password or Five digit code provided by ITS.
  • Staff can send their printing jobs from any computer from inside campus and they can release their job any staff photocopier inside the campus.
  • At present, there is no limit for staff printer usage, but monitored by the management.
  • With the help of mobile printing, they can print from any devices connected to Wi-Fi.
  • Staff can raise their printing related issue via IT-helpdesk portal, email or by phone.
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