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The Information Technology Services (ITS) department attempts to provide the university community with cutting-edge computing services. IT Services at Sohar University (SU) has a long history of promoting institutions' missions by assuring stable core systems and network infrastructure, providing exceptional technical support, and promoting and facilitating technology integration into learning and teaching as well as business processes. Our goal is to consistently provide a high level of service and enhance and renew the university's technology resources as needed to serve the academic and administrative functions of the institution. The department has highly qualified and experienced staff with a wide range of specializations devoted to the students' professional and technical development.

Sohar University Information Technology Services department provides a secure environment where technology is accessible to our students and provides the tools and knowledge necessary to integrate technology into the curriculum for our faculty. The department provides an efficient and effective operation for our staff to carry out their work.

The following are the primary duties of IT Services to serve the university mission:

  • IT Services (ITS) oversees planning, managing, and directing technology initiatives at SU that support both academic and administrative operations.
  • It provides a wide range of technological services to the campus community, including developing, monitoring, and maintaining the campus data network, computer systems and servers, telephone systems, computer laboratories, and smart classrooms.
  • It uses strategic planning to run and improve current and future IT initiatives that are appropriate and necessary to support the institution's needs.
  • It provides the required training and support services to ensure that technologies are used effectively throughout the institution.

The IT Strategic Plan is a framework for guiding technology decisions and planning. The strategic plan is designed to provide direction and guidance for evaluating, selecting, and prioritizing technologies that facilitate the university's pursuit of its goals and objectives. SU's strategic plan will change and adapt as SU's goals and objectives change over time.

  • Enable and Support Teaching, Learning, and Library Activities

The department analyzes the university's need for general purpose or departmental computer labs and develops a comprehensive computer lab plan to include virtual learning spaces. It collaborates with academic departments and the university libraries to promote, plan, and support digital literacy and competencies in new media and other technology used in teaching and learning.

  • Maintain and Improve the Core Infrastructure

It continually maintains and upgrades an appropriate technological infrastructure, keeping pace with the rapid proliferation of information, software, devices, and emerging tools for teaching and learning, including distance learning. Another priority is improving and expanding wireless (data and voice) access to promote ubiquitous, mobile access to resources, systems, services, and tools for learning and productivity.

  • Support and Enable Administrative Information Systems and Business Intelligence

It plans to increase business processing efficiencies through the application and adoption of existing technology owned by the institution. It aims to improve the analysis and management of institutional data through data standards, integration, protection, and governance. It also plans to implement processes, tools, and applications that centralize, simplify, and improve the management of application interfaces.

  • Provide Quality Customer Service and Technology Support

The department focuses on aligning service and support resources with customer needs. It simplifies the user experience by optimizing the application inventory to limit the number of applications users must learn and interact with.

  • Maintain Highly Qualified Information Technology Staff

It recruits, develops, and retains high-quality IT professionals to support all aspects of the university's technology offerings and services. It strives to provide professional development for staff to foster their ability to support the rapid proliferation and adoption of software tools, computing devices, and emerging technologies. Increasing the efficient use of highly trained and skilled student aides throughout IT augments technical services.

  • Maintain and Enhance Information Security

It works collaboratively with faculty, staff, and students to foster collaboration and innovation in technology while ensuring an appropriate institutional security posture.

  • Enhance Portfolio and Project Management

It establishes and refines a portfolio management process to assess, prioritize, and approve technology projects. The process should examine each project's resource requirements and strategic alignment in an effort to select projects for implementation that most closely support SU's goals and objectives and maximize the use of its limited resources.

SU Information Technology Services will enable the efficient and effective use of information technology in a manner responsive to individual and institutional needs. The department members will foster an IT environment that supports ongoing and anticipated IT requirements that are implemented to achieve high levels of student success, excellence in research and creative endeavors, and efficiency in institutional operations.

In collaboration with IT professionals across the institution, ITS provides a vision and delivery of IT services essential to the university’s operation and success. We have high-tech facilities for our students to use first-hand experience.



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