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Master of Engineering in Environmental Engineering Program

Duration2 Years
Study modeFull Time
Credit Units24

The Master of Engineering in Environmental Engineering program provides an applied Environmental Engineering education in a multi-cultural learning background. The program improves the decision-making, design and research capabilities of our students by providing advanced applications in Environmental Engineering fields. The program also enhances students’ experimental, analytical, communicational, professional and technological skills. The Master program is unique as it prepares its Environmental Engineers with advanced level of proficiency in mathematics, probability and statistics, calculus-based physics, general chemistry, earth science, biological science and fluid mechanics. The Master program encompasses a variety of learning modules, highly tailored courses, project-based experience, and leadership and professional development initiatives.

A Master of Engineering in Environmental Engineering degree graduate can be recruited in many fields including industries, consultancies and education sectors related to Environmental Engineering. The Master graduate can work as Senior Engineer, Senior Environmental Engineer, Academic Staff in Environmental Engineering, Safety Engineer, Quality Control Engineer and Senior Environmental Engineering Researcher.

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