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Database Design in MS SQL Server

Course OverviewThis course covers the essentials for Database management using Microsoft SQL Server, including the connection, implementation, profiling, and maintenance for the relational database management systems. Learn how an efficient and secured SQL Server Database should be, from Database design with minimum anomaly to database implementation in MS SQL Server, from principles of database administration and management to composing the structured query language (SQL) commands via stored procedures; how to connect to a database and handle queries using the query windows or the composed views, and how to maintain a secured database and tune the queries to decrease the delay.
Learning OutcomeAfter completing this course you will be able to:
  • Create databases, tables via MS SQL Server datasets.
  • Backup/Restore and maintain SQL Server databases.
  • Compose efficient SQL queries using Stored Procedures and Functions.
  • Handle database maintenance and tuning procedures.
  • Secure DB environment.
  • Use Front-End Tools for the Database Engine.
  • Use SQL Server Management Studio with the Database Engine.
  • Perform Transact-SQL Operations.
  • Utilize Data Definition and manipulation Language commands (DDL/DML).
  • Compose Stored Procedures and User-Defined Functions.
  • Define DDL and DML Statements and views.
  • Manage Security System of the Database Engine.
  • Use profilers and improving the performance of the queries and database.
Target ParticipantsStudents and Employees in Organizations
Course Dates13-16/11/2023
Duration16 Hours
LanguageEnglish - SQL
VenueSohar University
Registration Fees85 OMR
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