• Arabic (اللغة العربية)

Arabic Language Summer Course

Course Overview

The Summer Arabic program is designed to deliver Arabic language training to all non-native speakers from around the world. The summer starts in June and ends in August. Arabic is not only taught in classes but also using literature, culture, history, media, and common daily materials.

** Summer semester will be available for seven weeks, depends on the number of students.

Learning Outcome
  • Level one: this level aims to enable students to read and write paragraphs and to communicate in standard Arabic to enable students to understand the Arabic language.
  • Level Two: this level aims to enhance students’ command of Arabic at the basic level especially as it pertains to Arabic in daily situations and enables the student to communicate in specific situations and express themselves in writing with a good introduction to grammar.
  • Level three: this level aims to upgrade students’ performance in Arabic to an advanced level and increase their speaking, reading, and listening abilities. This level enriches the students’ vocabulary and advances their command of grammar and syntax.
  • Level Four: this level aims to upgrade students’ performance in Arabic to an advanced level and students will be able to interact with native speakers fluently and spontaneously. At the end of this level, students will be able to understand the main ideas of complicated conversations and texts and express their opinions on abstract topics.
Target ParticipantsInternational students from all nationalities and a variety of age groups.
Course Dates From 2 July to 27 August 2023
Duration8 Weeks ( 100 Hours )
LanguageStandard Arabic Language
VenueSohar University
Registration Fees

980 USD

Including books, registration, and tuition fees

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