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Classrooms and Labs

Did you know?

Visitors can join our campus Wi-Fi guest network on their mobile devices. To join simply follow these steps:

  • When on campus, access your mobile device Wi-Fi settings
  • Select the SUGuest network
  • Open a mobile browser on your device
  • When redirected, accept the SU terms and conditions of use

Your guest access will last for 24 hours - enjoy!

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Sohar University classrooms and labs equipped with a variety of technologies to enhance teaching and learning experience.

Computer Classrooms

All classrooms on campus are equipped with computers used for teaching purposes. These computers are connected to the university network and to a data show projector or LED screen for presentation purposes. Many classes are equipped with sound system to assist in listening or in presenting audio contents.

Theatres (Smart board rooms)

There are 8 Theaters equipped with an integrated Audio-Video system- podium- and also it contains smart boards to support the interactive education. Each theatre contains a computer, network and Internet access, screen, and overhead projector with sound system. These theatres can be used for instructor lectures and student presentations.

In addition, theatres can be used for activities and events.

Computer Labs

There are over 20 computer laboratories including 7 Virtual desktop labs (VDI), free laboratory and multi-media laboratory, Total number of computers in labs is around 900 computers.

Computer laboratories used for free access, teaching and self-training and to provide students with space and time to work, practice and do their projects and assignments

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