Deliver effective and efficient professional services with a commitment to enhancement and innovation to exceed user expectations. 

Staff are critical to the University’s success and we will work to build capability in an environment that promotes excellence. Central to our approach will be support for Omanisation through programs for existing staff and provision of leadership and development to prepare the academic and managerial leaders of tomorrow. The University acknowledges the contribution of all staff as our international profile ensures we prepare students to be global citizens. We will continue to develop the campus to provide excellent facilities for education, research and community engagement. This will require robust financial planning with a long-term commitment to secure the University’s position as a leading contributor to higher education in the region. 




Attract high quality staff

Proactive approach to recruitment highlighting the benefits of living and working in Sohar

Students by enhancing their experience

Development opportunities to create a dynamic and united workforce

Linking career progression with recruitment, succession, planning and professional development

Students and the Community by providing a highly skilled workforce helping to raise standards

Enhanced approach to Omanisation

Planning and development to support tomorrow’s leaders

Omani citizens by giving them ownership of higher education

Development of a high quality integrated campus

Improve the student and staff experience to enhance learning and research.

Society by offering a campus that supports improved performance and attainment

Investment in Information Services to ensure a digitally-connected institution

Responsive to the changing needs of students and staff through new modes of delivery, teaching, research and management

Oman by providing higher education for the digital age

Grow and diversify income

Work with a range of agencies to support the diverse activity of a modern, progressive institution

Students and staff by providing continued confident investment through robust finances support

  • Staff satisfaction
  • Progress with Omanisation (% of staff)
  • Staff (including TAs) engaged with postgraduate training
  • Total Income (surplus/deficit)
  • Pay to Income Ratio
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